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Mari Pintau Beach, Quartu Sant Elena

SP 17 Villasimius Km 17, 09045, Quartu Sant'Elena

It means 'painted sea'. The signature on this painting is nature itself, creator of a masterpiece with skilful artistic brushstrokes and a thousand shades of emerald-blue that contrast with the green of the surrounding hills. Its name could not have been more apt. The wonderful beach of Mari Pintau is the pearl of the territory of Quartu Sant'Elena: it is located along the bends of the scenic road that leads to Villasimius, about twenty kilometres from the centre of Cagliari, in the tourist location of Geremeas.

You can arrive to Mari Pintau by car or with one of the boat trips that depart from Cagliari port

It is a beach of smooth, round granite pebbles and stones, washed by the crystal clear waters, that become more sparse as they make way for the fine, white sand. Its transparency allows a clear view of the sandy seabed, dotted by rocks on which the sunlight is reflected. Behind the beach, the hills are covered by fragrant Mediterranean shrubs, where there is a path, taking you from the car park to the beach. Mari Pintau is the ideal destination for those who like to do underwater fishing or who wish to dive down to the wonderful depths. You will find services here, as well as a beach establishment with equipment rentals and a kiosk-bar.(

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