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Tuerredda Beach, Teulada

One of the most famous Southern beaches that it has a limited number of visitors daily

The deep blue water, the green shrubs and delicate golden colour of the fine sand will make you fall in love with this natural marvel. In a cove between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento, in the territory of Teulada, on the outermost point of the southwestern part of the Island, Tuerredda stretches for over half a kilometre and is quite simply a jewel with scenery resembling that of the Caribbean.

It appears from above with its little island facing it, easy to reach by swimming, in a background often framed by sailing boats at anchor but that look like they are resting on the crystal clear water. The little island, just a few hundred metres from the shore, is a little world all on its own, in which you can spend a few hours lying on the stand or on the hot, smooth rocks.

Thanks to its shape, the beach is well sheltered from the Mistral, north-westerly wind and its sea is almost always calm and clear, perfect for long swims with a mask and flippers or for doing some snorkelling. The nearby coastline is a mixture of gentle and rugged stretches and there is a series of little beaches, separated by rocky belts. Enjoy the countless top-quality services offered by the beach establishments, canoe and pedalo rentals, trips in rubber dinghies, nearby bars and restaurants. (

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