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Porto Giunco Beach, Villasimius

Anyone passing by Villasimius, a famous tourist resort in the island's south-east, will be dazzled by the long stretch of soft light sand

With pink hues deriving from the granite fragments, enclosed within a lagoon and the sea in soft blue hues, taking on an infinite number of shades heading offshore. Porto Giunco is a tropical beach in the middle of the Mediterranean, one of the most famous on the island and one of Italy's most beautiful, as endorsed by TripAdvisor users and specialised publications alike, with its colours seemingly painted by an artist, having inspired directors and advertisers who have chosen this location as the setting of their shots.

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The size of the beach ensures that you can always find plenty of space to spread out. The shallow and sandy seabed is ideal for families with children. The position of the cove contributes to the enchanting scenery, being nestled between headlands that act as a natural defence from the winds, giving you the feeling of having reached a unique location in the world and creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoying relaxing swims. The oasis is bordered by dunes covered with juniper, lentisks and Mediterranean scrub that perfume the air. Immersed in a grove of eucalyptus is the walking track that leads from the large parking lot to the beach, which can be reached from the centre of the village in a few minutes, heading in the direction of the modern tourist port. The trail flanks the Stagno di Notteri, which glimmers calmly behind the beach, being the chosen habitat for pink flamingos and other migratory birds. Once upon a time, it was rich in reeds and rushes, hence the name of the beach, also nicknamed “of the two seas” due to being a narrow sandy tongue extending between two bodies of water.

This dream location will leave you with indelible memories, it being equipped with all the bathing and rental services and surrounded by hotels and residences. Along the beach, you will find kiosks and nightclubs - when the sun slowly descends below the horizon, the beach is lit up with torches, inviting you to savour an aperitif accompanied by music. It is also an ideal destination for surfers and offers snorkelling and diving enthusiasts visions of schools of fish confidently following the hot currents. Trekkers can climb the promontory to the south-west, atop of which arises the imposing tower of Porto Giunco that guards the bay, reaching nine metres in height, 17th-century remnant erected by the Spaniards to protect against attacks from pirates coming from the sea. From up here, you can enjoy a dazzling “picture”.

The “Giunco” is the most precious pearl of the Capo Carbonara marine area, being 86 square kilometres of protected territory and sea, used as the location of countless films and commercials. Submerged beneath the water are spectacular settings - granite pinnacles and crevices coloured by yellow sea daisies and red soft coral. The storms and shallows have relegated wrecks from all eras to the depths. On the surface are headlands, coves, beaches, lagoons and green areas. Porto Giunco is the westernmost part of a long coastline that stretches from Simius, a “city” beach comprised of a kilometre of fine white sand. It is enclosed to the north by the Porto Luna promontory that separates it from another Villasimius “jewel” - Punta Molentis. (

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