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Torre di San Pancrazio, Cagliari

Keeping your back against the ex-Archaeological Museum you can observe the dominant mass of the Torre di San Pancrazio. The tower belongs to the defensive system built by the Pisans to contrast invasions by the Aragonesi. It defended the north east phase of the quarter while the other twin tower Torre dell’Elefante was on the opposite phase. It was erected around 1305 by the Sardinian architect Giovanni Cappola. It is about 36 metres high and is build out of great white blocks of limestone, characterized by slits that allowed, when necessary, to target the enemy.

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Originally the area was surrounded by a great wall and ditch. As you can see the side of the tower facing the quarter was open, inside you can observe the wooden galleries connected by staircases that allowed the soldiers ample space to move. The side open today, as in the original project was closed in 1328 by the Aragonesi, because it was than used for various centuries as homes and offices and as a storeroom. In the 1600 it was also used as a prison. At the beginning of 1900, the monument was restored to its original form. Today it is possible to visit the inside of the tower and enjoy the breath-taking view on the city from up top. (from Cagliari Audio Guide)

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