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The story of a people told on the walls: in the heart of the Supramonte area, a trekking paradise, a few kilometres from Nuoro, a town in the Barbagia area offers glimpses of an ancient and timeless Sardinia, surrounded by unspoilt nature

A cradle of archaic traditions, Orgosolo reveals a deep bond with its roots: it is the land of the Canto a Tenore (Polyphonic folk singing), proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inhabited since prehistoric times, as can be seen by the domus de Janas, tombs of the giants and the Su Calavriche, Mereu and Gorropu Nuraghi, at the end of the 19th century, the village became known for banditry. Film director Vittorio De Seta, in the film entitledBanditi a Orgosolo (Bandits of Orgosolo - 1961), describes the bitter fight to defend the lands confiscated by the State.

Supramonte di Orgosolo features breathtaking landscapes. One of the paths leaving from the village leads to the Su Suercone sinkhole: where the land has created a chasm 200 metres deep and 400 wide. One of the natural monuments is the Gorroppu canyon.

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