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Boat Trip from Arbatax

Coastal excursions aboard a Turkish schooner


Presented by Welcome to Sardinia
Gulf of Orosei

Exclusive coastal excursions aboard a Turkish schooner built entirely of mahogany, where you can relax and enjoy the majestic panorama from the comfort of the large sundeck in the bow, or from the aft dinette out of the sun.

Departure: 8.30 am from the Port of Arbatax, heading for the Island of Ogliastra. We continue coasting until we enter the Gulf of Orosei, with its fabulous coves. Morning and afternoon swimming stops chosen according to conditions between: cala Gabbiani, cala Mariolu, cala Biriola, optional visit to the Fico cave. Possibility of lunch on board.

Details of the Ogliastra Coast from Arbatax


Departing at 08.30 from the port of Arbatax, the voyage begins in the Gulf of Ogliastra in a northerly direction, heading for the Island of Ogliastra, at the top of which a statue of the Madonna dominates the entire gulf. The clarity of the water is particular, allowing one to observe the prairie of posidonia oceanica alternating with patches of very white sand, while all around flutter seagulls and cormorants, the island's only inhabitants. While the crew offers coffee to the guests, in the background, towards the north-west the small village of Santa Maria Navarrese appears with its Saracen tower. Continuing the navigation we reach Pedralonga, a rocky spur 129 metres above sea level that was already a reference point for Phoenician navigators. From this point, the scenery becomes rugged and wild with spires and sheer cliffs that, like Punta Giradili, exceed 800 metres, and the sea takes on different and crystal-clear colours depending on the nature of the seabed. Before leaving the Gulf of Ogliastra we find a series of caves such as the cave of the pigeons, the cave of the spring and the blue cave. Passing Capo di Monte Santo, we leave the gulf of Ogliastra to enter the gulf of Orosei, passing the two fiords that characterise it: portu Pedrosu or cala Scirocco and portu Quau or cala Tramontana, which became infamous in 1962 for the shipwreck of the 'Levante', a merchant ship that crashed there because of a storm.

After travelling a further for some miles, one arrives at the grotto of the Contessa, where, due to a high side opening, a play of light and reflections takes place inside and the water itself becomes glowing. Immediately afterwards, the majestic scenery of cala Goloritzè opens up, not only for its natural rock arch that has been decreed a natural monument, but also for its spires and the colour of the water. Passing a hundred metres past cala Goloritzè, one can see the lovers' beach or the beach of the springs due to the presence of freshwater springs. Continuing on, you can admire the spiaggia dei Gabbiani (Seagulls' beach) and the beach of cala Mariolu. Further north, the canyon carved into the limestone by an impetuous torrent 'baccu Mudaloru' and then the cave of Fico, carved by an ancient underground river, which was kept closed until a few years ago because it was believed to be the last refuge of the monk seal, then the pools of Venere and cala Biriola.

The route includes bathing stops both in the morning and in the afternoon; a visit to the Grotta del Fico is optional. (The itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions).

Possibility of a full lunch on board, based on fresh local fish or the renowned products of the local hinterland.

The crew will provide you with a cooler bag with fresh water for the beach, parasols, masks and fins.

At around 16.00, with the help of the tender, we will re-embark, and then begin navigation for the return journey, which is scheduled for around 18.00.

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