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Guided excursions by rib boat from Cagliari


Presented by Welcome to Sardinia

Turquoise sea, beaches and mysterious caves: you will find this and much more with the boat excursion in the Gulf of Angels. Enjoy three and a half hours of sea, sun and relax among the beaches of Cagliari: Calamosca, Devil's Saddle and Poetto.

Wonder, amazement, enchantment are the states of mind that you will experience while discovering the Gulf of Angels and of the whole coast, full of uncontaminated inlets and coves; you can spend a beautiful day on a dinghy with our skipper, an expert and competent guide who will show you all the hidden coves and caves that you could never see on your own.

Details of the Cagliari rib-boat trip


The departure is at 10 am from the port of Cagliari. The tour includes as a first stop the visit of one of the most famous beaches of Cagliari, Calamosca, where you can snorkel, dive and underwater photos. You will also have the opportunity to admire the ancient Spanish tower dating back to 1600 and the lighthouse of Calamosca, built later. We will continue to discover the next stage, the fascinating Devil’s Saddle, which takes its name from the ancient legend according to which Lucifer, in love with the beauty of the Gulf of Cagliari, tried to seize it. During the battle between angels and demons, Lucifer was thrown from his horse by the archangel Michael, losing his saddle that fell on the waters of the gulf and petrifying gave rise to the current promontory. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and enjoy an extraordinary landscape, accessible only by sea. The tour ends with a visit to the beach of Poetto, also called the beach of the hundred thousand for the great attendance. Poetto is one of the most popular beaches of Cagliari and extends for about 8 km. Crystal clear water and sandy bottom characterize this beach, once famous for salt extraction.

Find out more about this fantastic area of ​​Sardinia
The real beauty of southern Sardinia is the coast: long dream beaches and a sea that reminds one of the more remote tropical paradises.


The best Boat Trip in Sardinia


Welcome to Sardinia DMC is the only operator that offers over 30 boat excursions. From sailing to motor boats or catamarans or vintage boats.

Departure from 14 Sardinian ports with negotiated rates. You can book your boat trip with us with only a 20% deposit and pay the rest on boarding*.      

* Some excursions require full prepayment.

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