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Trekking to Monte Irveri

An excursion to territories of Orosei and Dorgali to enjoy extraordinary landscapes.

An excursion in the territories of Orosei and Dorgali to enjoy extraordinary landscapes characterised by steep cliffs overlooking a crystal clear sea.

A day to discover the nature of Sardinia and its agro-pastoral culture. Not to forget, a refreshing dip.

Tour Itinerary

  • The trek begins on the beach at Osalla in the Orosei area, nestled between the basalts and crystal-clear waters of the spectacular Gulf of Orosei.

  • We begin our adventure by following a short coastal path characterised by black lava rocks that takes us to the Cartoeddu beach, followed by a visit to the more famous Cartoe beach: fine, pale sand embracing an emerald green sea.Hills of dense Mediterranean scrub and centuries-old oaks, whose peculiarity is that they are not man-made, make Cala Cartoe a true corner of unspoilt paradise that is well worth a visit.

  • The route continues up the side of the Monte Irveri massif, which rises majestically to a height of 600 metres above sea level: a fairly difficult trek among the shrubs of the Mediterranean maquis, ancient olive trees and numerous examples of junipers, which is rewarded with beautiful views of Monte Tuttavista and the Orosei countryside. At an altitude of 350 metres, in the locality of Sa Tintura, we stop at the old sheepfold (in Sardinian Su Cuile) called “Su Cuile de Sa Tintura”. The sheepfold is a masterpiece of poor shepherd architecture, probably built around the 1940s on the ruins of another sheepfold Sa Tintura,

apart from being an evocative glimpse of Sardinian agro-pastoral culture, offers a peculiar landscape because it is located in a clearing overlooking the sea; a view that embraces the entire Gulf of Orosei, from Capo di Monte Santu to Punta Nera. After stopping at the sheepfold, we begin the return journey of our trek, which winds its way through furrowed fields and centuries-old junipers.

Here too there are many views of the coastline ready to enchant us.

  • Once we reach sea level, the hike continues without

any more difficulty until we reach the Cartoe beach, where we stop for lunch and a refreshing dip.

Free cancellations available up to 48 hours before tour time.

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